While we were keeping up with runway trends,
we were also tracking what "It" items experienced a spike.
Discover Wolford's best-selling items in the gallery below,
and shop a few suggestions for yourself to get in on the style action, too.





Baily Dress black

DKK 2.760,00 DKK 1.380,00
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Estella Leggings black

DKK 1.970,00
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Velvet Lace Cup Bra white

DKK 879,00 DKK 263,70
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Get inspired to try new tights by taking
a look at some of these next-level tights
outfits that are perfect for cool and warm weather.





Velvet Lace Forming Body cream tan

DKK 1.199,00 DKK 359,70
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Merino Tights 5647

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Satin Touch 20 black

DKK 150,00
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Viscose Pullover black

DKK 1.220,00
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Asymmetric Skirt black

DKK 2.170,00
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Tulle Cup Bra black

DKK 910,00
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