• Liana Skirt

    DKK 1.970,00
  • Black Golden Skirt

    DKK 1.580,00
  • Serpentes Skirt

    DKK 1.540,00
  • Fatal Skirt

    DKK 750,00
  • Arrow Poison Skirt

    DKK 1.180,00
  • Paris Skirt

    DKK 1.380,00
  • Baily Skirt

    DKK 1.380,00
  • Estella Skirt

    DKK 1.580,00

Luxurious & Fashionable Skirts

Our skirts are comfortable, luxurious and can be paired perfectly with the rest of the Wolford collection. And don’t just limit skirt season to Spring and Summer! Combine these skirts with a pair of Wolford leggings for a fashionable cold-weather style.