• Colorado String Body

    DKK 756,00 - DKK 1.260,00
  • Viscose String Body

    DKK 1.020,00
  • Silver Dust String Body

    DKK 1.770,00
  • Colorado Lax Fit String Body

    DKK 1.540,00
  • Orlando String Body

    DKK 1.260,00
  • Crystal Affair String Body

    DKK 2.360,00
  • Aurora Pullover

    DKK 1.540,00
  • Merino Fine Rib Pullover

    DKK 2.360,00
  • Colorado Body

    DKK 1.260,00
  • Merino Rib Dress

    DKK 3.940,00
  • Viscose Rib Dress

    DKK 3.150,00
  • Viscose Pullover

    DKK 1.300,00

The Timeless Turtleneck

No style is quite like a classic turtleneck. With that in mind, Wolford offers a selection of turtleneck styles. Whether you choose a pure cut or a ribbed look, you can rest assured that your comfort is guaranteed by the highest-quality materials and meticulous production methods that make every piece feel absolutely perfect to wear.